Solstice by Maniamania

27.Februar 2014 in Fashion

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The Solstice collection by Maniamania calls upon the Midsummer Eve ritual of the summer solstice and embraces the divine intuition of history’s most enchanting women. Paying tribute to the rich symbolism of Wicca, Solstice also draws inspiration from the Welsh Witch herself, Stevie Nicks. Nicks’ high regard for the mythical and gothic is infused in the collection through the use of pyramid shapes, crosses and moon symbols which allude to her personal style. Powerful amulet necklaces and cocktail rings emblazoned with owls play out the traditions of the age-old solar festivals celebrated by witchcraft while serpentine charms represent womanly power and fertility.

Directed by David Mandelberg & Nick Hudson
Starring Lindsey Wixon
Music by Young Magic