Prada – The Delivery Man

17.Oktober 2018 in Accessories

The Delivery Man is a filmic project comprised of a trio of cinematic vignettes celebrating the Prada Cahier handbag. Directed by Ryan Hope Starring Jonathan Kimble Simmons

The Postman Dreams 2

28.November 2017 in Accessories

Autumn de Wilde devises her own imaginary vistas and mise en scène, inspired not just by her own obsessions but those of others. Desire, pleasure, eventual satisfaction – these are the underlying themes of these non-sequential, fabulist chapters – divided into four main stories: the bogey, the troublemaker, the punch and the elevator. starring Elijah Wood, Emma Roberts, Sasha Frolova, Amber Valletta and Natalia Dyer directed by Autumn de Wilde

Prada – The Postman Dreams

15.April 2015 in Accessories and Fashion

The Prada Galleria is the set of an imaginary battle, a figment of a childhood fantasy that involved de Wilde slicing it clean in two. The exceptional inner workings of the bag are revealed, rarely seen except by the artisans who create them, as the bag becomes a theatre set for childlike obsession. Starring The Petrojvic Blasting Company.

Prada 2015

01.November 2014 in Accessories and Fashion

Adrienne Juliger, Ine Neefs and Moya Mardy captured by the legendary fashion photographer Steven Meisel on location at Alder Manor in New York. The hair and makeup seems to be inspired by looks at the SS2015 runway show.

Cartier – Destinée

08.Januar 2013 in Accessories

This new little Cartier short film tells us a beautiful love story of an unexpected marriage proposal. Directed by Luca Guadagnino Written by Drake Duremus Starring Oliver Jackson Cohen & Michelle Chen You can also watch the „behind the scenes„.